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Our Summer Interns

Balance had the wonderful opportunity to bring on four interns for Summer 2022. This was the first time we brought on more than one intern at a time, so it was a bit of an experiment whether we could keep the four interns busy with interesting projects. Cassidy Gilmore, an engineering undergraduate student at [...]

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Employee Highlight – Emma Goodwin

Emma Goodwin, a Balance hydrologist, graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, in 2018. Shortly after, she started her work at Balance. She has now been with us for about three years and has become an essential part of Balance's team. This video celebrates her and how she has grown into her [...]

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Employee Highlight – David Shaw

David Shaw, Balance’s president and CEO, received his bachelor’s degree in geology from the University of Vermont in 1997. After his graduation, he worked in field research and mapping for a few years before joining Balance. His early work at Balance consisted of coordinating field equipment, implementing and managing streamflow gages, and conducting field [...]

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A Partnership with Nature: Beaver Dam Analogs

Balance recognizes that one of the most dynamic forces of change in meadow systems is beavers.  While we push forward with restoration design strategies to raise the water table and restore channel-floodplain connectivity, beavers are often already hard at work doing just this.  When approaching a restoration project, our field investigation aims to document [...]

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Pond inundation and timing model: Pond-IT!

Pond-IT Goes Open-Source! In Mediterranean and arid climates, seasonal ponds play important roles for native species, who's life cycles coincide with pond inundation duration and timing, or “hydroperiod.” In California, anthropogenically-formed cattle ponds can be valuable aquatic habitat for listed amphibians such as frogs, salamanders, and turtles, but with anticipated changes in climate, these features [...]

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2019 Holiday Card Competition

Here at Balance, we have an annual company-wide photo contest.  Employees are given minimal guidelines: 1) The photo must be related to Balance, preferably a project. 2) Staff can enter as many photos as they’d like. We received 37 entries from 10 staff members whose photos included staff, their children, their dogs, field days, water-related, [...]

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2019 Compensatory Mitigation Webinar Series Webinar 7: An Ecological Framework for Compensatory Mitigation: Anticipating the Unexpected

Our very own Shawn Chartrand will be presenting at this year's Compensatory Mitigation Webinar - June 27, 2019 2:00 - 4:30 PM Eastern.  His abstract is as follows: Wetland and fluvial restoration projects commonly include post-construction plans which detail actions to address issues related to routine maintenance, adaptive management and remediation. These three direct [...]

2019 Compensatory Mitigation Webinar Series Webinar 7: An Ecological Framework for Compensatory Mitigation: Anticipating the Unexpected2021-01-29T00:53:50+00:00

Happy Anniversary Ed Ballman!

Today marks Ed Ballman’s 21st year with Balance – Happy Anniversary Ed! He leads the technical direction of Balance’s 1D and 2D hydrologic and hydraulics modeling efforts for fluvial and floodplain restoration projects, this work may include alternative analysis, modeling shear stresses, fish passage, depth analysis – relative to habitat needs, flooding, sediment studies, [...]

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2019 Balance Conferences & Sponsorships

International Conference Wood in World Rivers | January 7-11, 2019 | Valdivia, Chile Presenting: Anne Senter "Wood export prediction at the watershed scale" Nevada Water Resources Association Annual Conference | January 28-31, 2019 | Reno, NV Attending: David Shaw, Ben Trustman California Land Conservation Conference | March 20-22, 2019 | Pacific Grove, CA Balance sponsored! [...]

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Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management

Balance Hydrologics in partnership with Carmel River watershed stakeholders is pleased to announce a dedicated session entitled Carmel River Watershed: Managing and Restoring for Sea-to-Summit Resiliency at the upcoming 9th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management Conference to be held December 8-13, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center [...]

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