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Dogs of Balance

June 22nd is Bring your Dog to Work day! Not all Balance offices have the privilege of having our dogs at work, but we're sure happy to go home to them! When safety allows you may see a Balance dog working hard in the field, inspecting large wood placements along a restored river, reading [...]

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Smith River Alliance 2018 Fish Count

Balance Hydrologics staff regularly participate in the Smith River Alliance annual Fish Count, this year's count is happening August 10-12.  We encourage river lovers to participate in this event. Volunteers track California coastal cutthroat trout and the rare summer steelhead and spring Chinook salmon, as well as suckers, rainbow trout, lamprey, and herps. Snorkeling within [...]

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Proposition 68: The Clean Water and Safe Parks Act

Proposition 68: The Clean Water and Safe Parks Act is good news for California, great news for our project partners, and phenomenal news for the critters. The statewide measure authorizes $4.1 billion towards habitat restoration, climate resilience, parks, water quality and flood protection throughout the state. Here's how the funds will be allocated Statewide: Clean and Sustainable [...]

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Ride Anne Ride!

Balance is cheering on our colleague Anne Senter who's on Day 4 of the AIDS/Livecycle ride! She'll travel 545 miles through 58 towns, across 8 counties, from San Francisco to Los Angeles! The ride started in San Francisco on June 3rd, today, Day 4 she'll be rolling into Santa Maria. Here are some images from the road, [...]

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Dam Inundation and Emergency Action Plans

Balance engineers develop dam inundation maps for a variety of client needs, of late these efforts have been focused on SB 92, signed into law on June 27, 2017 by Governor Brown. SB 92 set forth new requirements focused on dam safety, as part of this legislation, dam owners must now submit inundation maps [...]

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March Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary Dana & Leslie! Leslie Mack Kizzee has been with Balance since 1998, 20 years! Leslie’s career at Balance illustrates the opportunity for growth here at Balance. With a degree in communications and a knack for getting things done, Leslie quickly grew her career from an Administrative Assistant, to Office Manager, to Human [...]

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February Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary Gustavo, Jonathan, Montana, Rachel & Scott! Gustavo Porras celebrates his 20th year with Balance, he’s a veteran field geologist with a focus on groundwater, site-scale instrumentation, and installation of wells, piezometers, or controls. Gustavo’s favorite project is Hicks Mountain Ranch, where he has directed development, installation, and finetuning of the real-time water-management [...]

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January Anniversaries

Happy Anniversary to Zan, Brian, and Eric! Zan Rubin worked with Balance from 2005-2007 and again since 2015, 2018 marks his fifth year working with Balance. Zan spent his time away from Balance earning his Ph.D. in Environmental Planning from University of California, Berkeley and his M.S. Geosciences from Colorado State University. We’re pleased [...]

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Pre-Fire Services

Pre-fire planning as part of community and habitat planning Post-fire planning does not always begin with smoldering slopes. Rather, it has an important and growing role in general, specific and facility plans. The frequency of wildland fires in the western states is expected to increase by 12 to 70 percent by the year 2070, [...]

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