Balance had the wonderful opportunity to bring on four interns for Summer 2022. This was the first time we brought on more than one intern at a time, so it was a bit of an experiment whether we could keep the four interns busy with interesting projects. Cassidy Gilmore, an engineering undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, and Monika Decker, an environmental engineering graduate student at Stanford, both joined the engineering team. Maddie Hill, studying geology at the University of Utah, worked with our geomorphologists and Emma Ballman, who is studying Journalism and Advertising at the University of Oregon, joined the marketing team. Each intern made important contributions to several projects over the summer, Emma even made this video, in addition to helping us refresh our website – we were so impressed with this cohort. Their passion for learning has motivated us all and reminded us why we as individuals took this career path. In these challenging times for our planet, it’s hopeful to see these smart, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals heading into the science and engineering fields.

As we look back at the summer, we realize not only could we keep our interns busy, but we created a great environment for the interns – having a cohort deepened their experience. We hope the Balance Intern Cohort of 2022 will have formed a lasting bond and will keep tabs on one another’s future successes. Good luck all!