Today marks Ed Ballman’s 21st year with Balance – Happy Anniversary Ed! He leads the technical direction of Balance’s 1D and 2D hydrologic and hydraulics modeling efforts for fluvial and floodplain restoration projects, this work may include alternative analysis, modeling shear stresses, fish passage, depth analysis – relative to habitat needs, flooding, sediment studies, and water quality.  One of Ed’s super hero powers is to ‘read the landscape’ from an engineer’s eye, all of Balance engineers (and scientists) enjoy the outdoors, but you may be hard pressed to find an engineer with Ed’s passion on a site visit! Granted you may find him laying down listening to a storm drain or gesturing passionately at an outfall structure. Ed also participates on a diverse array of projects including flood inundation and water supply investigations, hydrology and drainage modeling, floodplain studies, flood control plans, stormwater management plans, hydromodification studies, general planning studies, and peer reviews for FEMA map revisions.