In 2011, Balance Hydrologics completed a watershed assessment of the larger Martis Creek watershed which identified priority restoration and re-naturalization projects related to meadow restoration, channel stability, habitat enhancement, groundwater recharge, water quality improvements, flood control, and recreation.  Elizabethtown Meadow, a discharge-slope wetland and formerly a short-lived mining town that existing in 1863, has been modified from its original condition by the existence of the old town, the logging era, and most recently by efforts to build a planned community known as Martis Estates.  Former road alignments and buried utilities have resulted in desiccation and erosion of the mountain meadow.  The parcel is owned by the Truckee Donner Land Trust (TDLT) for conservations and recreation, TDLT hired Balance to lead a diverse team of hydrologists, engineers and restoration specialists to restore hydrologic processes through the meadow and facilitate a trail alignment with bridge crossings over two perennial channels.  Our design approach included: returning flows to drier areas of the meadow, removing historical features that have re-routed dominant streamflow patterns, and developing bridge designs that provide passage of frequent flows and public access to a wide range of recreational trails. The final design, permitting, and construction was completed in 2014, Balance engineers provided construction oversight of the meadow restoration.

Placer County, CA
Truckee Donner Land Trust
Martis Creek
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