A common passion for Balance staff and many of our clients is a love for the natural world and the joy of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, especially a newly restored habitat. Say hello to a few of our field-friends, to name a few, a beautiful mountain lion on Bear River near the Secret Town exit along 80, a California Red-legged frog, a beaver lodge at Dream Lake, a stranded smolt, an egret at Aquatic Park in Berkeley, a Santa Cruz favorite the banana slug, a one-eyed alien from Hicks Mountain, a Scottish Highland cow from the Delta, the Western skink, small and great egrets, a beautifully ugly great blue heron chick, the wild horses of Steamboat Creek Nevada, Merganser, signs of beaver activity, ring-necked snakes, rattlesnakes (not as excited to see in nature), animal tracks, praying mantis, and the many wee fishes we welcome to their newly restored habitat.