Team Member Candid Photo

Eric Riedner is a professional engineer with a background in surface water hydrology and hydraulics, flood control and floodplain management, riparian restoration, and urban runoff treatment design. He is experienced in a wide range of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling platforms applied towards FEMA floodplain mapping, dam break simulations, sediment transport and scour analyses, design feasibility assessments, CEQA analyses, and stormwater management plans. He is also involved in stream and wetland restoration design from conceptual level to construction document preparation and construction management.

  • California PE C69728
  • Wisconsin PE 45397-6
  • California QSD/QSP 23629
  • B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Emphasis in Water Resources Engineering, University of Wisconsin, 2001
  • Searsville Dam, AECOM, Santa Clara County, CA
  • Upper Petaluma River Watershed Model, Woodard & Curran, Sonoma County, CA
  • Lower Carmel River Floodplain Restoration, Big Sur Land Trust, Monterey County, CA

Our projects and our work are constantly changing and evolving, resulting in a challenging and stimulating work environment.

Collaborating with co-workers with a diverse range of technical backgrounds allows for participation in projects beyond the reach of the typical engineer.