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Eric Donaldson a project manager and senior geomorphologist and hydrologist and a Registered Professional Geologist in California, he specializes in coastal, fluvial, and hillslope geomorphology and hydrology to solve complex problems in water-based ecosystems. He has managed, designed, and conducted a wide variety geomorphic assessments and analyses including sediment-transport studies; surface/groundwater interactions; restoration and fish passage designs and, evaluates constructed restoration projects for success. Eric is a skilled communicator and excels at conveying the most complex geomorphic, hydrologic and engineering concepts to achieve sustainable restoration and management solutions. In particular, he has been successful in assisting clients with regulatory and multiple stakeholder negotiations, while meeting restoration and constructability goals of a restoration project. In addition, Eric provides our clients with EIR and water rights support through climate change analysis and hydrologic model development. He has extensive experience with collection and analysis of topographic, hydrologic and geomorphic data, for hillslope, riverine, estuarine, and coastal restoration projects, including, hydrologic field studies in diverse settings, fish passage assessments, stream and habitat restoration, and water quality. Lastly, Eric is an advanced surveyor and uses remote-sensing instrumentation applied to GIS platforms.

  • California P.G. 9209
  • M.S. Geosciences, San Francisco State University, 2011
  • B.A. Geology, Whitman College, 2003
  • Countywide Gravel and Large Wood Augmentation Program, SCVWD, Santa Clara County California
  • San Felipe Creek Restoration, Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency, Santa Clara County California
  • Santa Clara County Pond Hydroperiod Study, Guadalupe-Coyote RCD, Santa Clara County California
  • "Geomorphic Controls on Spatial Distributions of Cobbles and Boulders in Stream-Channel Networks", Masters thesis.
  • "Tale of Three Culverts ‐ Fish Passage Design for Two Coastal California Creeks Fish Passage Enhancement on Bear Creek and Los Trancos Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area." D. Ruttenberg, E. Donaldson, B. Hecht.
  • "Deeply Weathered Granitics: Resilient Storage for a Changing Climate." Hecht, B., Woyshner, M., Brown, S., Donaldson, E., Richmond, S., and Owens, J.

I love the dialogue and discourse with my colleagues and clients. We work in a great field, and I have the privilege of collaborating with professionals in many inter-related fields who care a lot about our environment and especially aquatic ecosystems.

Balance projects are not boiler plate. We have the opportunity, and in fact are encouraged to tackle challenging projects that many of our competitors don’t want to tackle.

Avid gardener and orchardist, Avid runner and cyclist. Collector of musical instruments I can’t play very well.