Balance Hydrologics was contracted through the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District to provide an update of the Canyon Del Rey Master Drainage Plan.  This study served to guide future watershed management decisions including drainage infrastructure improvements, sediment management issues, and land use planning.

A characterization and evaluation of the watershed was completed to quantify runoff rates across a range of storm events, assess the conveyance capacity of key drainage infrastructure, and evaluate erosion and sedimentation rates within the watershed. The results of the watershed characterization and evaluation was used to identify deficient drainage infrastructure and to inform recommended solutions.  These findings were summarized in an update to the 1977 Canyon Del Rey Master Drainage Plan last prepared in 1977.  This update utilized refined analytical tools to evaluate the existing conditions and address the evolving regulatory standards that impact future management with respect to drainage and sediment control. The primary objective of this study was to prepare an implementable document that can effectively be utilized to guide future activities in the Canyon Del Rey watershed.