Balance Hydrologics is working with Trout Unlimited-Nevada to restore aquatic habitat along Dry Creek, a tributary to Salmon Falls Creek (Columbia River Basin) in remote northeast Elko County, Nevada. Dry Creek is a spring-fed, steep mountain channel that provides habitat for redband trout. Dry Creek has been impacted by historical mining operations, which have resulted in over 1,800-feet of channel and riparian habitat burial from mining waste rock. In addition, mining roads have further impinged on the channel and include undersized culverts. Erosion and scour downstream of these culverts have generated drops that are impassable to fish. Trout Unlimited is working with the landowners to allow restoration designs to be developed and implemented. Balance geomorphologists and engineers are currently evaluating project constraints and opportunities and developing initial design documents for permit applications. Restoration will likely include channel relocation, step-pool creation, and riparian planting. Culverts will be removed and replaced with bottomless culverts and the overall channel gradient restored to natural conditions. Restoration designs will be completed in the winter of 2016 with construction proposed for 2017. Balance Hydrologics will be responsible for all aspects of design development, analysis, and documentation.

Elko County, NV
Trout Unlimited
Salmon Falls
Drone, Fish Passage, Habitat Enhancement, Stream Restoration
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