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Update of the Canyon Del Rey Master Drainage Plan, Monterey County

Balance Hydrologics was contracted through the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District to provide an update of the Canyon Del Rey Master Drainage Plan.  This study served to guide future watershed management decisions including drainage infrastructure improvements, sediment management issues, and land use planning. A characterization and evaluation of the watershed was completed to quantify [...]

Update of the Canyon Del Rey Master Drainage Plan, Monterey County2020-04-01T18:03:24+00:00

Upper Truckee Marsh Restoration Design

Beginning in the 1800s and continuing through intense land development in the 1960s and early 1970s, the Upper Truckee River was channelized through Lake Tahoe’s largest delta and marsh complex, which resulted in most of the marsh being dewatered, eroded, or obliterated. In an effort to preserve functioning areas and restore the sediment and [...]

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Verdi CMAR Riverbed Restoration Design

The Nevada Department of Transportation has classified two bridges along Interstate 80 as scour critical, and has contracted Granite Construction on a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) basis to design and implement a scour protection plan. Balance worked in concert with Wood Rodgers to fulfill environmental permitting requirements for the project, including development of [...]

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San Felipe Creek Restoration

The Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency (Habitat Agency) represents multiple stakeholders in providing long-term protection of ecosystems and biodiversity within Santa Clara County. The Habitat Agency contracted with Habitat Restoration Sciences (HRS), Balance Hydrologics, Inc., and Dudek for this design-build project to develop conceptual plans, evaluate the feasibility of restoration opportunities, and implement the [...]

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Hydrologic Site Assessment for the Benicia Urban Waterfront Enhancement and Master Plan

Balance Hydrologics was part of a multi-disciplinary team brought on by the City of Benicia to develop the Benicia Urban Waterfront Restoration Plan (Plan). This Plan was partly funded by a Coastal Conservancy grant and allowed the City of Benicia to plan for an enhanced and restored downtown waterfront that can realize its potential [...]

Hydrologic Site Assessment for the Benicia Urban Waterfront Enhancement and Master Plan2018-01-09T20:31:02+00:00

Stanford University Hydrologic Support

Balance staff have been conducting a wide-range of hydrologic and hydraulic studies for Stanford University, the Stanford Lands Company and their cooperators in watershed management since 1994. Among these efforts have been: Searsville Dam and Reservoir Alternatives Study, Stanford University, San Mateo County, California. Geomorphic and hydraulic feasibility of various possible alternatives for Searsville [...]

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