Shawn Chartrand, M.S., P.G., CEG, Principal, Hydrologist/Geomorphologist
Shawn Chartrand specializes in developing and conducting site-specific fluvial geomorphic and hydrologic studies for the protection and management of a wide range of biological and physical resources including endangered and threatened aquatic species, the corridors where they reside, and the water which sustains both them and the local communities. Many of these studies have lead to the development of restoration, or re-naturalization plans, which Mr. Chartrand oversees from conceptualization, to community consensus building, to permitting, and through construction and into post-construction monitoring. He brings unique expertise to steep channel restoration through his applied research and use of the step-pool bedform to rehabilitate, stabilize and enhance these systems. Mr. Chartrand has worked extensively in assessing, reviewing, and monitoring in-stream gravel mining operations for potential cumulative impacts to downstream and upstream systems in large rivers of Central and Southern coastal California. He also has a strong professional and academic background in geochemistry and in developing site-specific hydrologic and geochemical investigations of Karst Terrains, including the use of stable isotopes, and mineralogic techniques to identify and trace sources of water and sediment. Mr. Chartrand’s skills are rounded out with 12 years experience monitoring channel geometries, streamflow and suspended and bedload sediment transport in coastal and inland mountainous and urban channels.

• Certified Engineering Geologist (CA) and Professional Geologist (CA)
• M.S. Geological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, 1997
• B.A. Environmental Geology, with honors, Case Western Reserve University, 1995

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