David Shaw, M.L.A., P.G., Principal, Hydrologist/Geologist
Dave Shaw uses various field and research skills to investigate wetland areas, ground water and stream systems through watershed analysis, monitoring, and real-time automated stream gaging. He has developed basin-wide studies to evaluate and characterize seasonal ground water-river interactions, water quality trends, and stream channel morphology to aid in habitat conservation and restoration planning. David's academic research focuses on the link between landscape analysis and restoration design.

• Professional Geologist (CA)
• M.L.A. Environmental Planning, University of California, Berkeley, 2005
• B.S. Geology, University of Vermont, Burlington, 1997

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  • Shaw, David, 1997, Seasonal and spatial variations in groundwater-river interactions on the Browns River Underhill and Jericho, Vermont: 19 p. + tables, figures. (pdf)